At Skate Universe, we strive to meet the unique needs of each individual. When you purchase a skate from us there is a lot of hidden value that comes at no extra charge.

Skate Fittings

A fitting is typically an hour-long process. It begins with questions about the previous skates, so please bring your old pair if you can. We’ll also ask questions about the weight, skill level, and overall expectations of the skater. From there we take measurements, and determine a size. In the case of Jackson or Riedell skates, we heat the boot until it becomes malleable enough to shape to the skater’s foot. When it cools, it retains that shape, creating a custom fit. We then have the skater walk in their new boots to detect pressure points or areas of fit that need adjusting. Finally, we determine a sharpen for the blade that best suits the needs of the skater. We know our process works… the smiles on our customer’s faces prove it!

Other services we offer include:

  • Custom Boot Stretching
  • Blade Mounting and Balancing
  • Hook Replacement
  • Custom Sharpening (we sharpen hockey skates too!)

Please feel free to phone, email or stop by the shop with any questions you might have.

For fittings there is no appointment necessary. Please call before coming to ensure we have enough time.